The Real Max & Lou



Jimmie Lou

The question people ask us all the time (other than "Are you sisters?") is where the name for our business came from. Well, meet Maxine and Jimmie Lou! These are our grandmas...Maxine belongs to Lynsey, and Jimmie Lou to Veronica. These were a couple of funny, strong, smart, and resourceful ladies who are the inspiration behind what we do. These women instilled a sense of home in us, and taught us that filling your house with what you love makes it beautiful. They passed along a love of traveling, antiquing, gathering in the kitchen, digging through other people's junk, and they were big into repurposing way before that was even a cool word all the young people started using. They knew how to bring their families together over a meal, and showed us that you don't have to have a fancy formal dining room to enjoy the company of friends. In a world of Pinterest perfection, they are our reminders that when you get down to it, home is a feeling. Yes, we love pretty pillows and lamps, and firmly believe that blue is a neutral that should be in every home...but that's just all icing on the proverbial cake. Our hope, every single time we leave a client's space, is that we've been able to create that sense of home for them. That we've made them a space where they feel happy having their friends and family gather...where they can pour a drink, listen to their favorite music, ignore the goldfish and legos on the floor, and just enjoy each other's company. Long story short...this little venture wouldn't exist without the beautiful lessons these two taught us, and we're thankful everyday that they were ours!